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Garment Industries ERP
TexAms Garment ERP effectively combines technology with traditional manufacturing system to implement new standardise business and manufacturing processes to reduce manufacturing cost.

TexAms Garment manufacturing software is exclusively designed for the garment manufacturing and export industry which aims at keeping a track of all the merchandising and shop floor operations like order lead management, costing, material planning and procurement, raw material processing, production planning, inventory management, EXIM process etc.

TexAms Garment manufacturing ERP software handles everything. Users can access TexAms ERP software securely from anywhere. TexAms Garment ERP software is built on deep fashion domain experience and the latest technologies so your business can stay ahead of the competition.

TexAMS is specially designed Garment ERP covering entire process of Garment industry through which not only we can reduce wastage by 50% but at the same time increase the productivity by almost 100% over 2 year duration….our Garment ERP solution is getting acceptability, credibility and ever growing market base not only in India but overseas as well…

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