ERP Software Solution for
Textiles Industries

Finance ERP, Spinning ERP, Yarn Dyeing ERP, Technical Textiles ERP, Weaving ERP, Asset Management ERP, HRMS, Swing Thread ERP, Garment Industries ERP
Module Details:

1. Finance ERP : TexAMS FI stands for Financial accounting and FI is one of the modules of TexAMS, that usually to be implemented in a client's site.
This module is used to monitor and review the financial situation of a company. Using TexAMS FI, you can monitor and operate by planning and creating reports and quickly find solutions for accounting requirements.

Components of TexAMS FI:
1. Tex Group.
2. Leager Master.
3. Bank master.
4. Vender master.
5. Voucher Master.
The upcoming module would be Legal Consolidations, Funds Management and Production planning.

2. Spinning ERP : TexAMS Spinning ERP is a cost-effective ERP solution and has specially been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the local market. TexAMS Spinning ERP automates the entire production, maintenance and quality lab management processes of the complete spinning production cycle. It also provides features for managing the purchase of raw cotton. The focus on process efficiencies results in improvement in not only the productivity but also the quality of the yarn product. TexAMS Spinning ERP provides a standardized system for the spinning production cycle that ensures consistent quality, provides a quantum leap in process visibility and enhances planning and monitoring capabilities.

3. Yarn Dyeing ERP :Dyeing yarns refers to the process of adding color to yarn, which can then be used for knitting or crocheting. Industrially, dyeing is done on yarn on a mass scale, prior to its release in the market.
For the majority of the thousands of years in which dyeing has been used by man to decorate clothing, or fabrics for other uses, the primary source of dye has been nature, with the dyestuff being extracted from animals or plants. In the last two centuries, man has produced artificial dyes to achieve specific colours, and to render the dyes 'fast', so that they do not run when the material is washed.
TexAMS ERP is a customized ERP for TEXTILE Industries that provides solutions to real time issues. Tex AMS is the complete solution for dyeing yarn process including features like Yarn Dyeing sale work, Job work.

4. Technical Textiles ERP :

5. Weaving ERP : Weaving, the art of forming a fabric by interlacing at right angles two or more sets of yarn or other material. It is one of the most ancient fundamental arts, as indicated by archaeological evidence.
Weaving is a textile craft in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced to form a fabric or cloth. The threads which run lengthways are called the warp and the threads which run across from side to side are the weft or filling.
TexAMS is one of the latest customized ERP for the complete business solution for weaving process.

6. HRMS :TexAMS human resource management solution (HRMS) is designed to increase the efficiency of human resources (HR) administration, including HR, benefits, employee self-service, attendance, recruiting, and training. TexAMS replaces paper-based, time-consuming, and error-prone HR methods, and is modular, so users can customize the solution according to their needs, desired level of automation, and budget. Along with a comprehensive set of features for HR, benefits, time off, and training, TexAMS HRMS includes Web-based employee self-service, benefits enrollment, and workflow features to keep the workforce connected at all times

7. Swing Thread ERP :

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